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Find your perfect bra size in 3 easy steps

Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? Follow the steps below to decrease this percentage. 

How to measure your bra size

Your bra size consists of two parts:

  1. The number indicates your band size and represents the measurements directly under your bust.
  2. The letter represents your cup size and represents the measurement of your bust at the fullest part of your chest.
1. Measure your band size

To measure your band size you measure yourself around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust. Stand in front of a mirror and keep the measuring tape level and snug. Your band size represents the size of your bra band and is displayed as a number Cm (65-95 cm).

2. Measure your cup size

Measure your bust at the fullest part of your chest (usually at nipple level) if you want to measure your cup size. Keep your measuring tape loosely but level around your bust. Tip: stand in front of a mirror so you can check if your holding the measuring tape the right way.

3. Enter your measurements into the bra size calculator

After measuring your sizes you can enter these measurements into the bra size calculator to discover the right bra size for you. Your bra size is determined based on the measurements you enter into the bra size calculator. You should bare in mind that every woman is unique and that the suggested bra size is the perfect bra size for you on paper. Therefore it is very important to always check the bra fit as well. This way you can check which bra suits your body and feels comfortable. It is also good to know your sister sizes. Is your bra size a 75C? Then your bigger sister size is a 70D (one band size down, one cup size up). Your smaller sister size would be a 80 B (one band size up, one cup size down). Again the bra fit plays an important role. Make sure that it feels comfortable and that the bra suits your body. A new bra can feel tight when wearing it for the first time. Don’t stress that your new bra size isn’t the right size for you! Your bra band will stretch over time. Just make sure that you can fit two fingers between your bra band and your body. Did you know that buying a bra with a wider bra band, is the most commonly made mistake when buying a bra?

Bra size chart 

It is also possible to find your bra size by looking up your measurements in our bra size chart. The size chart might look confusing at first sight but if you take a minute it is actually easy to use. Just follow these steps:
     1. First check the left column for the measurement you got when measuring your band size (under your breasts). If this was e.g. 80 Cm you search for that number in the left column. When you found it you should look up your cup size in the right table on the same row of the 80Cm.
     2. Check the same row for the measurements you got when measuring your cup size (fullest part of your chest). You can round off this measurement (in case of doubt always round up). If your measurement was 100 cm you know you have a D cup. So your bra size is 80D!

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