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How to wash your bras!

Us women usually wear a bra every day so by the end of the week we find heaps of bras in our laundry basket. Not surprisingly, one of the most frequently asked questions we come across is about how we should wash our bras. On this page you can find our tips and advice on the best way to wash your bras.

Handwash or washing machine?

The best way to wash your bras is to wash them by hand. This is not only better for your bra but also for your washing machine. When you wash your bras by hand they will last longer as this is better for e.g. the elastic fibers in your bra hence it will keep its shape longer. Do you wear a lot of padded bras? Then it is always recommended to wash these by hand.

Tips on how to wash your bras by hand:

  1. Sort and wash your bras on color (black, white, red and colored).
  2. Use lukewarm water and preferably use laundry detergent for fine fabric.
  3. Let your bra soak for a couple of minutes instead of roughly cleaning it. However, do not soak your bra too long (especially when washing multicolored bras).
  4. Rinse your bra with cold water.

Tips on how to wash your bras in the washing machine

(if you rather use the washing machine to clean your bras)

  1. If you wash bras in the washing machine always use a bra bag. Tip: close the bra hooks to try and prevent the hooks from damaging the fabric of your bra.
  2. Sort and wash your bras on color (black, white, red and colored).
  3. Do not wash bras above 30 degrees.
  4. Preferably use laundry detergent for wool or fine fabric and select a delicate washing cycle.
  5. Always follow the care instructions on the care label for a longer lasting bra.
  6. Does your bra have any accessories? If so, remove these before washing them

How often should I wash my bras?

It differs per person but on average its good to wash your bra after wearing it for 4 times. If you tend to sweat more then its better for your bra to wash it sooner.

How to dry a bra?

  1. Never put your bra in the tumble dryer. Bras are not resistant to high temperatures and will among other loose its elasticity and color.
  2. Never squeeze your bra dry as this will distort the cup shape.
  3. The best way to dry a bra is to have it air-dried by laying your bra flat on a towel with the cups up.
  4. Never iron your bras.

Do you wash your bras a different way? let us know

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